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10 Advantages of Hiring Equipment

We often get asked by customers, “What are the advantages of hiring equipment rather than purchasing?”.  It can be a tricky decision for customers so we’re here to help, read on to find out our top 10 advantages to hiring rather than purchasing equipment.


Low risk & increased safety

The responsibility of the equipment being compliant and ready to use is placed with the rental company – lowering the risk for the customer.  Any reputable rental company should also ensure the equipment is kept up to date, calibrated or regularly serviced.


No upfront investment

Large equipment can be an expensive capital cost that must be planned, your money is tied up until you sell it.  Purchasing equipment is a long term investment that ties you down to particular equipment items.  Renting the equipment avoids the upfront costs associated with purchasing and allows businesses to better allocate their financial resources.


Helps you spread the costs

Other than the deposit, many companies will be happy for a monthly or quarterly payment for the rental.


Equipment disposal

If you hire equipment, there’s no need to worry about selling or disposing of the equipment when it is no longer required.


Gain a competitive edge

By choosing to hire equipment, you will have access to the latest and most up-to-date items of technology.  This can give companies a competitive edge without needing to spend large amounts on equipment they may not have the budget for.


Customer support

Once you purchase a piece of material, if it breaks or needs fixing, it’s up to you to sort it out – and pay the cost!

If you choose to hire a piece of equipment, many reputable rental companies will be on hand to get you back up and running again as swiftly as possible as part of your rental agreement.



Many items of equipment can be complex and knowing how to use them can be a minefield.  If you buy equipment, it’s up to you to work this out however if you rent, the provider can show you what you need to know and how the equipment can best serve your needs.


No depreciation costs

When you own your machinery, you incur considerable depreciation costs.  Reselling equipment requires a large investment on top of your upfront purchase.  As value continues to depreciate, it makes it more difficult to recover the cost of your initial investment.


Try before you buy

You may be thinking of purchasing a specific piece of equipment but are not 100% convinced.  Hiring equipment allows you to determine how much you would get out of the machine and to ensure it meets your requirements before spending out on buying one for yourself.



You may have recently won a contract that requires a certain piece of machinery but once that contract has ended you may never need this again!  Hiring equipment as and when you require it gives businesses the flexibility to only pay for machines as and when they need them.



We hope the above advantages help in your decision when deciding whether to hire or purchase machinery.  Here, at Hydraulic & Offshore Supplies, we can provide various hire equipment such as oil transfer units, test benches, swaging machines and hose cutting equipment.  Contact our sales team for more information on

What Our Clients Say

We have worked with HOS for many years from small subsea cable ploughs to large J lay pipe installation towers, they are always willing to go above and beyond to meet our requirements & are experienced, friendly and willing to do what they can to help.

Lead Engineer – Multi National Maritime Solutions Provider

HOS offer a prompt supply service, along with technical assistance, quality is always at a high standard, we have developed an extremely good working relationship which we hope to continue to build on for future requirements.

Production Manager – National Engineering Company

We would highly recommend HOS, we receive excellent customer service, quick delivery and great product quality.

Administration & Marketing Manager – Engineering Solutions Provider

96 x 4SH hose assemblies – measured, tagged, pressure tested, flushed, installed and certified within 7-day window, Wow!

Ship Superintendent – Oil Rig Support Vessel

Thanks again for all your work on the recent project, great turn-a-round in less than a week for two complete marine hydraulic hose kits which were manufactured, pressure tested and flushed, complete with full documentation pack.

Head of Construction - International Subsea Engineering Company