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Agriculture Services

Providing power, reliability and efficiency to the agricultural sector

Employing almost half a million people in the UK, the agricultural sector is a critical industry for sustainable food and ecosystems.

With the ability to handle heavy loads, operate machinery and perfect tasks such as lifting, digging and pulling, hydraulics play a vital role in the industry.

Working within the industry for over 35 years, our team have experience and expert knowledge to ensure your hydraulics requirements are met.

Practical support in a critical industry

From hydraulic hose assemblies, pumps, cylinders and motors, our knowledge of fluid power within the agricultural industry is second-to-none.

For over 35 years, we have provided support to the agricultural industry in the UK and internationally. Our hose technicians and engineers have extensive knowledge of the sector and will provide expert advice and guidance to your problem or future project.

Safety is our number one priority

Operating in the agricultural sector requires strict adherence to safety and environmental regulations. At HOS, we prioritise compliance and ensure all of our hydraulic solutions meet the necessary industry standards and certifications.

We ensure that all of our products undergo rigorous quality checks, to guarantee their durability and performance in demanding marine environments. We also provide a full traceability service and we retain all records, which allows for easy replacement, ultimately reducing customers downtime.

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