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fittings and flanges

Socked & Butt Weld Fittings

Socket weld fittings are predominantly used on smaller pipe diameters

Socket weld fittings

Used within pipelines to convey flammable, toxic or expensive media with zero leakage, our range of socket weld fittings are perfect for small-scale industrial applications.

Our butt weld fittings range fulfils a wide range of engineering and manufacturing needs, from elbows, tees, concentric reducers or caps, the butt weld design ensures a seamless connection that minimises the risk of leaks and maintains the integrity of your systems.


Used to connect pumps, pipes, valves and other equipment to make a pipework system, our flanges can be supplied in various materials, threaded or welded.

Standard products include:

  • Slip-on
  • Weld neck
  • SAE
  • Blind
  • Socket weld
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