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Asset Management Project

16th October 2023


Our client is a north east based company specialising in supplying parts to the automotive sector throughout the UK.



The Problem

With a large workshop and production line, our client has an array of equipment which has been in use for many years.


To ensure continued dependability on the production line, all related equipment required testing, upgrading if necessary and/or flushing if required.


Having an established and regular asset management programme would ensure zero downtime and disruption to the company and their clients.



The Solution

Working with our clients’ maintenance team to ensure minimum interruption to their production line, our technicians got to work:


Identifying all equipment including rigid pipework, accumulators, filters, pumps, control valves, hydraulic hoses, grease lines, gauges & test point connections.


Inspections took place where several items were found to be outdated. Flow & pressures were tested, accumulators stripped, shell tested, reassembled and certified.  A hose register was created with a new kit of assemblies, all manufactured, tagged, pressure tested, flushed and installed, finally the system was drained and new filters installed.



Due to our client taking this proactive approach, our team were able to ensure that all pipework and related equipment was updated and to the highest quality standards. This ensured zero downtime for the production line leading to no interruption to supply for their clients.



“Organising regular asset management checks should be integral in any maintenance programme. This recent project is a great example of the work our team can assist with to ensure continued production and zero downtime.”

Paul Taylor – HOS director


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