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HOS demonstrate their hydraulic power

14th February 2022


Our client is a large engineering company carrying out critical work in the nuclear sector both nationally and internationally.

The Problem

Our client had been experiencing issues with downtime on their hydraulic power packs and approached us to identify a solution.

They explained how they topped up the hydraulic oil reservoir as and when needed however this was not solving the continuing problem.

The Solution

Simply topping up the hydraulic oil reservoir on a hydraulic power pack will not be enough to keep the equipment in
good working order.

Our technical department surveyed the HPU’s and created a detailed report and quotation which was presented and
explained to our client. The proposal was approved and work commenced, this included oil sampling, filter  identification, electrical motor inspection, rewind service or replacement if needed, bellhousing and coupling
inspection, pump flow & pressure test, valve inspection and accumulator re-charge.


Following the comprehensive refurbishment of the power packs, the downtime ceased resulting in zero cost or time
implications for our client.

“This latest project shows the importance of the servicing and maintenance of hydraulic power packs. Our team ensured that the work we carried out solved our clients problem and prevented further downtime.”

Don Fenwick – HOS managing director

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