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Hydraulic cylinder project ensures continuous success for client

23rd May 2021


Our customer is an engineering consultancy primarily working within the renewables sector.
They provide their services to national and international companies.

The Problem

We were initially approached by our customer to overhaul and repair their existing hydraulic cylinder system which was required to operate on a continuous cycle of over 1.5 million cycles per test.
Upon commencement of the work, the HOS team discovered a number of improvements which could be implemented to enhance the performance of the overall system.
These were discussed with the project team and implementation started.

The Solution

Due to the demanding nature of the requirement, the HOS engineering department researched and developed a complete new cycle test cylinder which would enable a
continuous life cycle of over 1.5 million cycles per test.
This was a more cost-effective and reliable solution to simply repairing the existing cylinders.
Following successful manufacture and rigorous testing the new system will be implemented and put into production in the first quarter of 2021.


Following a routine overhaul and repair instruction, HOS successfully discovered an enhanced solution for the client, this was proposed and implemented ensuring our customer a more efficient, reliable and quality product.

“We were pleased to deliver such a successful project for our client. Finding, researching and delivering a more cost-effective and efficient system shows our commitment to our customers.”
Don Fenwick – HOS Managing Director