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Hydraulic table lift successfully designed & installed

16th August 2021


Our client is a North East based supplier of industrial controls, automation and engineering services.


The Problem

Several one tonne table lift’s which had previously been purchased by our client had started to underperform due to an increase in cycle time.

We were approached to identify a solution to the problem which was causing our client increased manufacturing time resulting in higher costs.

The Solution

Our technical team organised project meetings with the client and site visits to determine the problem with the table lift’s and how the solution could be approached.

Following an investigation, schematic and general arrangement drawings were produced on a new proposed system, our engineers designed compatible hydraulic power packs, hydraulic cylinders and related pipework and organised commencement of manufacturing on the items.



The new hydraulic system was successfully installed to our clients workshop ensuring no further disruption to the workforce and a suitable cycle time.


“We were delighted we could help a fellow North East business with the hydraulic problem they were
encountering. Our team quickly assessed the problem and came up with a solution including design and
manufacture of the new system ensuring our client had the minimum amount of downtime to their business,
great work by the HOS team.”

Paul Taylor – HOS Director


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