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Pipe spool replacements

7th August 2023


An international oil and gas exploration company, our client works in the most challenging conditions throughout the world. Quality and experience are essential for their projects.



The Problem

We were contacted by our client as their vessel approached a local port in the north east of England. Due to internal pipe corrosion, they required an overhaul of their pipe spools.

The vessel was due to dock at 6.30am with an expected departure time of 6pm the same day. Due to the constraints on time, speed and  quality of product were essential.




The Solution

Our technicians were onsite as the vessel arrived in port, an inspection and project analysis was quickly carried out to determine the requirements and stock needed.

With heavy corrosion, the corroded pipe spool was removed and returned to our workshop for identification. A material take off list was created and parts taken from stock at Sunderland, a new jig was set up and a replacement pipe spool was fabricated by our team of technicians.

The existing flanges were reused and machined with the spool being pressure tested, painted and returned to the vessel prior to their 6pm departure.




The rapid response of our team ensured that the project was completed on time, within budget and to the utmost quality. Our client works in very challenging conditions where safety is critical therefore it is essential that all parts are of the highest quality to ensure safety and zero downtime



“Being based close to several ports in the north east ensures that we can support vessels arriving in the area, even if they are only docked for a short period of time. With our experience, knowledge and ability to supply a large range of equipment, we’re your first port of call in an emergency.”

Don Fenwick – HOS managing director


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