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Planned shutdown maintenance saves customer costs and downtime

23rd May 2021


Our customer is a national engineering company based in the North East of England.
Working to strict deadlines is a priority due to the company’s sector and safety critical components.

The Problem

During their annual summer shutdown period, the company required maintenance work carrying out on hydraulic power packs. The company required the work to be carried out during the shutdown to minimise costs and downtime.
Working to a strict deadline would be critical to ensure all works were carried out during the specified time period.

The Solution

Following several project and team meetings, HOS’ team of project managers and technicians created a tailored work scope with a schedule of work to be completed over the 12 day period.

The project included over 150 tasks including the overhaul of power packs, over one hundred hose assemblies removed, renewed, tagged and pressure tested and the draining, cleaning and repairing of oil tanks.

To ensure the project was finalised on time and within budget, HOS deployed engineers to work concurrently to flush a number of hydraulic lines, rebuild and manufacture several hydraulic tie rod cylinders.


The project was successfully completed on time and within budget to the client’s exact specification.
Without HOS’ planning and teamwork the project could easily have overrun causing the company downtime leading to increased costs and disruption to the business.

“We were delighted to work with our customer and ensure the project was delivered on time and within budget, due to our meticulous planning and teamwork, we’re delighted the works were successful.”
Don Fenwick – HOS Managing Director