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The Italian Connection

16th January 2023


Our client is one of the world’s largest oilfield service companies with offices and locations across the globe.



The Problem

To ensure uninterrupted use, we were contacted by the company to organise refurbishments and upgrades to over 300 of their hose  assemblies which were located on board a crane ship.

Due to the location and future destination of the vessel, this was an urgent request with all hose assemblies being required to be inspected and delivered to Italy within three days.



The Solution

Due to the nature of the application within a safety and quality critical environment, our client despatched a quality control engineer to our workshop to conduct a full audit of the premises and work area.

Once successfully completed, we received the hose assemblies to our workshop and immediately mobilised our team of hose technicians and engineers.

All hose assemblies were visually checked, pressure tested, tagged and packed, ready to be despatched to the vessel in Italy.




All work was carried out within three days from receipt of order, this ensured our client endured zero downtime and all hose assemblies were in first-class working order.

Safety and quality is our number one priority, by working as a team, we ensured our client received all hose assemblies on time with no interruption to oilfield production.



“This project is an excellent example of our team working together to achieve the outcome our client requested, on time and within budget. We pride ourselves on our adaptability and flexibility with our ability to react extremely quickly to challenging situations, this project  certainly highlights our expertise & knowledge within this area. ”

Don Fenwick – HOS managing director


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