Think hydraulics & pneumatics are only used in heavy engineering?

Hydraulics and pneumatics have been used in engineering for thousands of years but you will be amazed how much they are used in everyday life, our latest blog will hopefully open your eyes to the world of hydraulics and pneumatics and how we use them.



Virtually all vehicles on the road are powered by hydraulics. Specifically, brake fluid is an important component of a vehicle’s braking system. Pressing the foot on the brake pedal forces a rod and piston within the master cylinder to move and achieve the desired effect, which ideally involves slowing down or stopping the vehicle.



How do you think an aeroplane slows down on a runway?  Yes, you’ve got it, it’s hydraulics!  It is also used to manage various flight control panels and to control the flaps.



The construction industry has hugely benefitted from hydraulics technology, as without hydraulics it would be near impossible to lift such heavy materials to high storey buildings. Other construction machinery that has been benefitted from the advancement of hydraulics are pumps, forklifts and cherry pickers.


Bin Wagons

Yes, you read that correct, bin wagons have large compressors to crush rubbish and make room for more. These are controlled by hydraulics!



Around 80% of amusement devices use hydraulics and pneumatics. If something is physically moving at an amusement park, it’s probably using these systems.

Most roller coasters use hydraulic or pneumatic brakes both for safety and for when the cart pulls into the load/unload station. These brakes keep the passengers safe by automatically activating if one cart comes to a stop. This keeps the carts from bumping into each other, potentially causing injury.


Office Chairs

Ever moved your chair up or down to get that perfect desk position?  You will have used hydraulics then!  Gas cylinders, or pneumatic cylinders, are devices that take the pressured power of compressed gas and force it through a chamber which then moves a piston in the required location. This movement and force enable the office chairs’ seats to rise or lower down. When the lever on the chair is pressed, the gas is pushed in and out of the chamber, facilitating this movement.


Petrol Stations

The entire pump operation of a petrol station is powered by a combination of hydraulics and electronics to supply the car’s fuel tank with petrol.


Car Repair

When your car requires a service or MOT, hydraulic systems are vital for your car to be lifted and repaired or worked on.  Hydraulic lifting equipment is used to manipulate the height of a vehicle to provide access to the engineer.



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