What components make up a hose assembly?

Hydraulic hose assemblies are used to transmit forces by means of oil pressure and consist of flexible hydraulic hoses to which fittings are attached at either end to ensure safe, interlocking connections. But what components exactly make up a hose assembly? We’re here to explain all….


A hose assembly consists of a hose and hose fittings. Each of these components is rated independently in terms of working pressure. The maximum working pressure for the assembly is the lowest maximum working pressure between the fittings and hose.


Most hydraulic systems start with the hose, although there are applications where metal tubing may be used instead. While there are many different types of hoses on the market, there are a few key things that will help determine the type of hose you need.
• Size
• Temperature
• Application
• Media
• Pressure


Fittings can be installed either by crimping (as in most of hydraulic hose applications) or by installation of a screw-on hose end.

Fitting components are comprised of the following:
• Socket: The socket is the portion of the fitting that goes over the outer cover.
• Stem: The stem is the portion of the fitting that goes directly into the I.D. of the inner tube of the hose. It extends out of the hose and into the connecting end. The connecting end of the fitting is the portion of the fitting that allows the hose to connect to other components.


Like hoses, fittings have to meet various specifications and are usually designed to fit a specific hose. The hoses and fittings are typically designed to be a matched set. It is important to refer to the manufacturers recommended hose and fitting combinations for proper assembly and application,


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