How to choose the right hydraulic hose

In the intricate world of hydraulic systems, the choice of the right hydraulic hose is a critical decision.


The functionality and longevity of the entire system hinge on this seemingly simple component, in our latest blog, we give you a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the complexities and make an informed choice.


Understanding Your System Requirements

Before delving into the technical specifications of hydraulic hoses, it’s crucial to understand the specific requirements of your hydraulic system. Consider factors such as the maximum working pressure, temperature range, flexibility needs, and the type of hydraulic fluid used. A clear understanding of these requirements will serve as the foundation for selecting the appropriate hose.  A recent blog by our team, ‘How to measure hydraulic hose’ may also be useful for you.


Pressure Ratings

One of the primary considerations when choosing a hydraulic hose is its pressure rating. Hydraulic systems operate under varying pressures and selecting a hose with the appropriate pressure rating ensures safety and optimal performance. Always choose a hose with a working pressure rating that exceeds the maximum pressure of your hydraulic system.


Temperature Range

Hydraulic systems can operate in diverse environments with fluctuating temperatures.   It’s critical to ensure the hydraulic hose can withstand the temperature extremes of your application. Consider both the ambient temperature and the temperature of the hydraulic fluid. Choosing a hose with a temperature rating outside your system’s operating range can lead to premature failure and reduced efficiency.


Hose Construction

The construction of hydraulic hoses plays a critical role in their performance. Different reinforcement materials, such as braided or spiral wires can impact the hose’s flexibility, strength and resistance to abrasion. Evaluate the specific demands of your application to choose the most suitable reinforcement for your hydraulic hose.


Compatibility with Hydraulic Fluids

Hydraulic fluids come in various formulations, and not all hoses are compatible with every fluid type. Consider the type of hydraulic fluid your system employs and choose a hose that is compatible. This ensures the hose material won’t degrade over time, maintaining system integrity and preventing leaks.  More information on how to select the correct hydraulic fluids can be found in our previous blog, ‘How to select the correct hydraulic fluid’.


Flexibility and Bend Radius

The flexibility of a hydraulic hose is crucial for proper installation and system operation. Consider the minimum bend radius – the smallest radius a hose can bend without kinking or damaging the internal reinforcement. Choosing a hose with the appropriate flexibility ensures easy installation and enhances the manoeuvrability of your hydraulic system.


Seeking Professional Guidance

In complex hydraulic systems or unfamiliar applications, seeking advice from hydraulic engineering professionals or hose manufacturers is prudent. They can provide valuable insights tailored to your specific needs, guiding you through the intricacies of hose selection and ensuring compatibility with your hydraulic system.



Lastly, choosing the right hydraulic hose involves a careful evaluation of your system’s requirements. From pressure ratings and temperature ranges to hose construction and compatibility, each factor contributes to the overall efficiency and longevity of your hydraulic system. By navigating these considerations thoughtfully, you empower your hydraulic system to function seamlessly, with reliability at its core.


As approved hose assemblies suppliers by the British Fluid Power Association, our team will ensure the utmost safety when manufacturing hose assemblies to your exact requirements, for more information, simply get in touch with our team.

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